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My Story

Once upon a time I was the blogger known as PittGirl and then one day a troll told me I was "unfunny and a blogger for life," so I immediately set out to prove him wrong.


And then I did.

I'm a writer, a columnist, an essayist and novelist. I'm mostly deaf, a single mother, a Masters in History student, and the biggest space geek you ever saw. 

My debut novel has arrived. I hope you like it. 

Shooting Star
My Book
My Books

My Writing

I write. Find something to read:


This is where I write humorously about my life, my city, current events, and the things that drive me mad. Publishes for free once a week. 


You can find my essays as an occasional contributor to the Forum pages of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette here. I write about my experiences as a profoundly hard-of-hearing person, about my love of space, and about Pittsburgh in general.


I was a long-time humor columnist at Pittsburgh Magazine, but these days I'm contributing a quarterly column that provides a fun, informational look at Pittsburgh's wild, wacky, and wonderful history.

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Oct 26, 2023, 6:00 PM
Kelly Strayhorn Theater
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