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Shooting Star
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Nothing.Everything. tells the story of trauma-damaged, panic-addled Ellis Sloan, an irreverent YA author who is pretty sure she's broken. She spends her days fooling her teens into thinking she's just fine since their lives fell apart. No, she's not spending hours on the couch staring at the ceiling wondering where it all went wrong. No, she's certainly not pretending to be writing that second novel while actually typing gibberish into a document entitled SFDJKLJF


She long-ago buried her emotions in the same deep grave she placed her marriage, her happiness, her words, and her painful memories, but when one such memory moves in next door, Ellis is forced to face the secrets of the past before time runs out on her second novel and her first shot at real happiness. 

Nothing. Everything. is a story of humor, a story of heart, a story of hope, and a story of what happens when a woman finally decides to fight for herself.

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